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"Estonia, Slovenia and Ireland are located with those countries who have linked quite successfully into the Internet, and who require only a decisive push to place them in the vicinity of Europe's elite countries."

Estonian Human Development Report 1999, UNDP

That decisive push has happened, as in 2001 nearly 30 per cent of Estonians are using Internet daily and the number of mobile subscriptions has already exceeded the number of fixed lines. Estonian leading bank Hansabank is rated as one of the most innovative banks in the world by the percentage of clients using electronic services. Estonian government is one of the first "paper-free" governments in the world.

The eagerness of Estonians to use electronic services and enjoy advanced web solutions has had a great impact on Estonian web companies. The sector is growing at an enormous pace.

Now, some of the most innovative and open-minded Estonian web companies, such as Digu, are looking abroad to gain new knowledge and find new partners. We believe, that the our experience gained in one of the most innovative new media markets in Europe, as well as our undoubtedly friendly prices, can be made to work for your advantage.