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About us

DIGU New Media Agency is a fast growing Estonian company, which seeks to maximize its clients success in the internet by providing top quality and innovative web solutions for small and medium sized enterprises and non-profit organizations. The philosophy of Digu is based on three principles: quality and reliability of solutions, client-focused relationship, and friendly price.

DIGU, founded in August 2000, is physically based in Tartu, Estonia. Within its first half a year of existance, we have developed customer-focused relationship with more than 45 different small and medium sized organizations. Our client list includes the local branches of world's largest economic consultancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Ministry of Education, as well as United Nations Association of Estonia and European Legal Information Network.

The services of Digu are twofold: first, we create professional websites and other Internet solutions for SME-s. We believe that an excellent web solution is made up of the following five components: attractive design, powerful programming solutions, purposeful content management, professional site promotion, and reliable hosting and maintenance. We employ some top level professionals in each of these five areas.

Second, Digu seeks to be a reliable low-cost partner for other Internet companies for sub-contracting web programming and design tasks. We have worked as subcontractor for Estonian financial web solutions company and PriceWaterhouseCoopers Estonia.